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Looking for gift ideas? Teresa has the perfect recommendations from the Italian Centre Shop.

Looking for gift ideas? Teresa has the perfect recommendations from the Italian Centre Shop.

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1. Torrone, Candy & Confections

Satisfy the sweet tooth on your nice list with the Sicilian holiday staple Torrone, traditional Dutch licorice and even caramels made right here in Edmonton

2. Sweet Spreads

Add a little oomph to pancakes and French toast, croissants and crostinis or a cheese course served up for dinner or dessert.

3. Pizza Stone & Cutter

Take it from the pros – these are must have tools for DIY pizza night at home.

4. Amaretti, Biscotti & Shortbread

Serve a couple cookies alongside a hot holiday beverage – these are a pantry staple in case of surprise guest emergencies.

5. Chocolate

Our extensive offering of chocolates come from around the world and right here in Alberta. From bars to bonbons and the best for baking – our chocolate aisle would make Willy Wonka proud.

6. Moka

Coffee aficionados know theres nothing like kicking it old school with the must have gadget to make espresso the way it was meant to be made.

7. Gift Baskets

Pantry staples, cooking tools, antipasti and sweets. Our baskets have earned the reputation of being filled with treasures for every occasion.

8. Panettone

Nothing says Buon Natale quite like panettone and we carry dozens of brands and flavours to choose from – beautifully wrapped and ready to gift.

9. Oil & Vinegar Set

A dynamic culinary duo – these cooking staples are a must in every kitchen.

10. Monin Gift Sets

These concoctions will have you feeling like a seasoned mixologist or barista. Elevate your game with simple syrups for both hot and cold beverages.

Bonus Pick: A Tavola Cookbook & Pasta Machine

Create Italian comfort food that would make any Nonna proud.

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